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Building for 360 and VR

If you choose between one of the above ​build templates ​(360+VR) the final app is ready to switch between the two modes.

Once you’re using this mode you’ll need to add another scene
before the actual viz scene, in the example here you can see the
main menu of an application where the user can choose
between 360 and VR.

I this scene you can refer to the “settings” asset in the AT
Explore folder.

To choose between 360 and VR you can use these lines of code in your main menu:

//GO 360 settings​.​movementTypePerPlatform​ = ​ArchToolkit​.​MovementTypePerPlatform​.​FullScreen360​;

//GO VR settings​.​movementTypePerPlatform​ = ​ArchToolkit​.​MovementTypePer​Platform​.​VR;​

(​Here​ you can find the full source code).

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