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AT+Explore plugin has been developed for Environment Artists and Designers involved in the AEC Industry after 4+ years working in the creation of Architectural Visualization tools using Unity.

With our brand new Animation System you can create complex animations using a visual scripting system.

In literally 3 clicks you can switch from a VR Archviz scene to a 360 mobile scene with touchscreen and joystick supported.

Starting from v1.2 the plugin is composed by 3 main tabs:

A super simple interaction system working on every supported platform.
Our interaction pipeline gives you the opportunity to create an interactive experience of your 3D models without coding.
Built-in interactions
– Open Doors
– Open Drawers
– Change Materials
– Drag Objects
Action Sequence system
If you want something more you can use an integrated visual scripting system. Here some of the nodes added in the system:
– Triggers: the trigger block defines the event starting the animation; you can use this predefined blocks:
– Trigger on Enter Area
– Trigger on Handle Click
– Trigger on Object Click
– Trigger on Start Scene
– Actions: an action is an animation, it can be called by a trigger or by the conclusion of other actions:
– Rotate Object
– Translate Object
– Show Multi Choise Panel
– Toggle Object visibility
– Show 360 Photo
– Teleport to point
– Switch Material
– Change Light Color
– Bake Reflection Probe
– Utils: a collection of useful nodes
– Debug Log
– Repeat for n times
– Wait for seconds

In the scene tab you can tweak all the navigation/exploration options of the scene, like speeds, layers, UI etc.

One plugin and one scene for all the platforms below. All interactions will seamlessy work everywhere
– Android/iOS AR [NEW IN 1.3]
– Oculus Quest
– Oculus Rift S
– Oculus Rift
– Oculus GO
– HTC Vive and Vive Pro (Open VR)
– Valve Index (beta support)
– Mobile VR (Cardboard)
– Android/iOS Fullscreen/360
– PC Fullscreen/360 with keyboard, mouse, Joystick and Touch support

⚠️AT+Explore is part of the ArchToolkit series, a list of Unity plugins made for designers and architects.
– AT+VideoClip lets you create sharable videos of your scene in no time
– AT+Sync let you syncronize your BIM model to Unity
– AT+Materials is a selection of CC0 PBR materials available on demand


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