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Available nodes

List of available nodes:

  • Triggers: the trigger block defines the event starting the animation; you can use this predefined blocks:
    • Trigger on Enter Area
    • Trigger on Handle Click
    • Trigger on Object Click
    • Trigger on Start Scene
  • Actions: an action is an animation, it can be called by a trigger or by the conclusion of other actions:
    • Rotate Object
    • Translate Object
    • Show Multi Choice Panel
    • Toggle Object visibility
    • Show 360 Photo
    • Teleport to point
    • Switch Material
    • Change Light Color
    • Bake Reflection Probe
    • Open Scene
    • Open Scene (AssetBundle)
    • PlayPauseVideo
    • Show Info Panel
  • Networking: a series of Actions with simple networking functions
    • Download Or Get Cached File
    • LoadJsonFromURL
    • OpenURL
  • Utils: a collection of useful nodes
    • Debug Log
    • Repeat for n times
    • Wait for seconds

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