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A new way to record and edit videos.

Using AT+VideoClip is like working with a video editing software inside the Unity Editor.
It allows you to create and record camera sequences with a user-friendly interface, with NO need of external editing software.

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Main Features

  • Unity Recorder integration: It works with Unity Recorder during recording phase.
  • Video Editor: It allows you to edit videos inside the Unity Editor.
  • Exports: you can export your videos in 1080p, 4K, Instagram square, Instagram story, 360 stereo and 360 mono. You can create sequences inside the editor and then export one clip after the other without using any external tool.
  • VideoPlayer Clip: with this feature you can add an external mp4 file inside your sequence. Super useful if you want to add a standard intro-outro video clip to your sequence.
  • Transitions: With a single action you can create beautiful transitions between clips, no need for external software anymore!
  • Built-In, URP and HDRP support: No matter what is your Render Pipeline of choice, the output will be awesome!

AT+VideoClip is perfect for

  • AEC Professionals creating interior design tours in 4K and 360
  • Level Designers and Environment artists needing to showcase projects or build a portfolio

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